A Kiss Towards is Marc's newest CD, released in June 2010.  Produced by John David Webster, this CD contains 10 brand new songs, plus a new version of Marc's classic, You Are Holy. Purchase in our store.

Track List -

1. Every Good and Perfect Thing
2. Here I Am
3. Give In to the Fall
4. You Are Holy
5. Your Love
6. Made For You
7. Love Song
8. Kiss Towards
9. Right Where You Are
10. Isn't It Amazing
11.  Keep On Movin'

Marc's 2nd CD, Drive, was released in 2003.  15 original songs, including:

1. ain't no grave
2. arms & legs
3. if i were
4. crazy
5. one of these days
6. 43
7. vertigo
8. uneducated fool
9. drive
11. time i get home
12. have this dance
13. lullabye
14. benediction rag
15. reprise

note: track 10 is officially called "10".

Marc's first CD, Come To The Table, released in 1998.  This CD has Marc's classic version of You Are Holy, the song that's been sung in churches and worship settings around the world andhas been recorded by artists like Michael W. Smith.  This CD is no longer in print, but you can check out the online store to download MP3's of the 8 original songs.

Track list -

1. Selah
2. Great Things
3. Come to the Table
4. You Are Holy
5. Stand
6. Good To Me
7. Wherever I Go
8. Gonna Build a House
9. Take My Life
10. Psalm 96